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Multilevel converter of STATCOM type

Equipment on the basis of multilevel converter device MPU for power quality improvement of the STATCOM type.

STATCOM type equipment solves the following tasks:

  • Power Factor Improvement.
  • Reduction of losses in transmission and distribution of electric power due to fast-acting reactive power compensation reactive power compensation.
  • Reducing the level of harmonic distortion, improving the quality of electrical energy.
  • Improved transient and emergency stability.
  • Increasing the capacity of electrical equipment by eliminating the reactive component of energy consumed from the grid. of energy consumed from the network.

  • Such equipment is successfully used in power grids, mining and metallurgical plants, where there are sharply variable loads with nonlinear characteristics, as well as in traction substations of Russian Railways.

    The container-type device allows for the fastest possible installation and commissioning of the equipment.