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About us

Rosseti R&D Center (R&D Center FGC UES, JSC) is an acknowledged electric power industry leader in scientific and technical research; it carries out innovative activities, provides engineering services, performs equipment testing and certification, and design of power grids, and develops pilot production. Diversified organization of the company's business allows it to provide a full cycle of implementation of innovative developments and projects.

R&D Center FGC UES, JSC is part of the PJSC Rosseti structure as 100% owned subsidiary affiliated entity.

Mission: continuous building up of the Company's scientific and applied potential to fully provide the parent company with the necessary services aimed at implementation of innovative activities in the electric power industry, as well as contribution to the development of knowledge-intensive domestic production of world-class electrical products.

Strategic goals:

    • Development of the scientific and technical potential of Rosseti R&D Center as Rosseti's core competence center in order to implement Rosseti's innovative development programs and national projects in the Russian electric power industry.
    • Implementation of advanced development technologies in the design and construction of innovative facilities (standard block design, electronic catalogs and services, and post-investment monitoring).
    • Improvement of competencies in the field of backbone services (testing, qualification, certification, patent and license activities).
    • Become an active player in implementing the National Import Substitution Policy in terms of highly intelligent products for Russian power grid companies, CIS countries and developing countries.

Areas of activity of Rosseti R&D Center:

    • Innovation and energy efficiency;
    • Design and Engineering;
    • Equipment testing, qualification and certification, R&TD, expert appraisal, intellectual property management, etc.;
    • Production of innovative equipment.

The Dissertation Council for the awarding of PhD and Dr. habil. degrees in engineering sciences is established and operates at Rosseti R&D Center.

The Center for the proficiency development and assessment of the electric grid sector at Rosseti R&D Center conducts professional examinations for the independent assessment of the energy sector employees proficiency.

Rosseti R&D Center is the publisher of two scientific and technical journals.

Our customers include distribution grid companies, equipment manufacturers, executive authorities of territorial entities of the Russian Federation, industrial holdings and industry associations in the energy sector.

The company's scientific and technical divisions are located in Moscow, Novosibirsk, and Vladivostok.

76 yrs. years of experience in development and implementation of innovative technologies and equipment in electric power industry
850 high-skilled professionals; 3 national projects of innovative development of fuel and energy industries are implemented at the premises of the Center
140 patents for inventions and certificates for specialized software
bln rubles annual turnover

Innovative technologies
and energy efficiency

  • Digital substation
  • Digital design
  • Energy efficiency and loss reduction
  • Electric power quality
  • Dependability management
  • Composite materials and superconductivity
  • Remote control and safety

and engineering

  • System design, including feasibility studies for the construction of electric grid facilities
  • Design of overhead and cable power transmission lines, substations with outdoor and indoor switchgears and facilities where innovative equipment is used
  • Implementation of innovative projects

Testing and

  • Testing of high-voltage equipment and digital substation elements
  • Qualification (quality control) of electrical equipment, materials and technologies
  • Development of regulatory and technical documents
  • Informing the industry, implementation of technical policy
  • Mandatory and voluntary certification of the Russian energy sector

Company Management

General Director of the Company

Epifanov Andrey Mikhailovich

Deputy General Director - Chief of Staff

Kuznetcova Yuliya Alexandrovna

Deputy General Director for Engineering

Zimin Kirill Aleksandrovich

Deputy General Director for Economy and Finance

Katkov Sergey Sergeevich

Deputy General Director for Innovation Activities

Kashcheev Andrey Vladimirovich

Deputy General Director for Testing and Certification

Boykov Valentin Viktorovich

Research Supervisor

Panfilov Dmitry Ivanovich

Full Cycle principle

Rosseti Research and Development Center is an acknowledged leader in scientific, engineering and technical solutions in the development, design and engineering of electric grid facilities.

The company has provided conditions to implement the "Full Cycle" principle - from concept to practical implementation in the power industry.

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Tel: +7 (495) 727-19-09
Fax: +7 (495) 727-19-08

115201, Russia, Moscow,
Kashirskoe sh., 22k3